Knowing What To Do - Versus Doing It!

Approximately 12 years ago, former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld sent what was perhaps one of  the great memos of all time.

Titled "issues with various countries," it alludes to major Bush administration foreign policy challenges, and asks Undersecretary of Defense Doug Feith to fix them. 

Here is the memo.


150415 Rumsfeld's Awesome Memo


Identifying issues is different than knowing what to do.

Knowing what to do is different than doing it.

Sometimes, what you do doesn't matter.
If you are the President, chances are … the other party doesn't approve.

A look at presidential job approval ratings indicate that Obama is the most divisively partisan president in modern history.


150415 Presidential Approval Ratings

via: Pew Research


Presidents Reagan and Clinton are the only two who didn’t see their numbers fall off a cliff.  While Ike and Obama saw their numbers only fall modestly.

Nonetheless, the 67 point gap (between Obama's popularity among Democrats and Republicans) was the highest on the list.

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