The Volatile Maturation of China's Stock Market

The eye-popping volatility and explosive nature of China's stock market lately has the world's traders watching in awe.

Business Insider noted that China's Shanghai Composite index crashed a breath-taking 11% late last week, before recovering some of its losses.

Still, the index is up 43% since the beginning of the year and up 134% from a year ago. Indeed, the market is exhibiting many of the hallmarks of a market in a bubble. As Business Insider's Mike Bird notes, brokerage accounts in China are exploding and fund inflows from overseas have gone parabolic.

Here are the ten largest stock exchanges in the world by total market capitalization, as of April 2015, according to the World Federation of Exchanges' monthly report.

150530 Shanghai Market's Relative Size

With a total end of April market cap of $5.6 trillion, Shanghai is the third largest exchange in the world after the two big US exchanges.

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