China Tries to Prevent a Market Crash

It has been a tough several weeks for Chinese markets.

As such, the Chinese government has taken some extreme measures to intervene and minimize the selloff.

Some of these measures include more than half the companies on the exchange "voluntarily" suspending trading.

But, it has not worked yet.


150711 Tough Week for Chinese Markets

via WSJ.


Stratfor posits:  Beijing has an underlying interest in ensuring that China's stock markets do not collapse, even though any intervention risks exacerbating whatever financial and political fallout may come from an eventual market decline or crash. Therefore, the government will likely continue to intervene to the best of its ability, propping up markets and market sentiment whenever the risk of a major sell-off becomes too great.

This does not mean that stock prices won't slide further, or that the market will stabilize — indeed, it could well become even more volatile over the coming months. Until Beijing invents more avenues for investment, or unless it embraces interest rate hikes and any post-crisis restructuring, it will have to rely on the few tools available to ensure that citizens can generate the wealth and financial security they need to consume.  


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