See How Much Tech Giants Like Apple and Google Make Per Employee - Compared to the Rest of the Market

Scale is important.  It isn't just how many employees you have … it is what you do with them.

One of the remarkable aspects of tech companies is just how much revenue and value some can generate with so few employees.

Pessimists could view this as a bad thing, that these companies don't require as many workers to generate massive revenue — and that our jobs will all be taken by robots. But it also shows how productive a more tech-focused economy could be per person.

But exactly how much money do companies like Apple or Google or Microsoft make per employee?

Business Insider looked at the top tech companies in the world, in terms of revenue, and showed us how much each makes per employee. Here are the top 12:


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Business Insider.


The difference is the difference!

  1. This is huge! compared to european companies and other companies in countries like india, this is so huge

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