Some Thanksgiving Thoughts: Be Thankful for Your Challenges

Happy Thanksgiving!

My children came to town, and we continued our tradition of spending time together watching some football.


151126 A Thanksgiving Tradition


Thanksgiving is a great time to be thankful. Yet, human nature often makes this difficult.

Many times, when I think about what I want, the first thing I think of is what I don't want. Similarly, when I think about what's going well (or something worthy of being thankful for), I first think about what has been difficult or isn't yet to the standard I hoped for.

Challenges are often hidden gold mines. Instead of thinking about them being obstacles for you, recognize that getting past them creates an obstacle for competitors. In other words, figuring out a strategy to achieve these lofty goals creates a new status quo and a sustainable competitive advantage.

At Capitalogix, we often talk about "finding a way," "creating breakthroughs," and "setting new standards."  The reason is that most things an innovator wants are just outside their current capabilities (otherwise they'd already have them).  

Dealing with this on a daily basis requires a resilient mindset and the ability to be comfortable being uncomfortable. 

Having no problems means you aren't playing a big enough game (which is a problem in itself).  

I am thankful to face a continually better class of challenges that forges a path to bigger future.

What about you?

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