Goldman Sachs Lists the Top Ten Companies, by Size, for the past Ten Years

Goldman Sachs released a chart that shows how tech companies have dominated recently.

It highlights top companies by size, charted for the past 10 years.

2015 marked the first time the top three largest companies in the world were all technology firms.


151226 GS Top Ten of 2015

Goldman Sachs via Business Insider.

As the falling oil price pushed Exxon Mobil dropped out of the top three for the first time.  Meanwhile, Google (sorry, Alphabet) and Microsoft took two and three this year.

The list is dominated by tech companies, which take five of the top ten slots.  It also shows the relative decline of the financial sector, which had three companies in the top 10 before the 2008 crisis. This year, Wells Fargo is the only bank.


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