Graduation Time

This was an interesting week. It started with a quick trip to Washington, DC to visit my older son and his fianc√©. For dinner, I thought they were taking me to the "Tipped Cow" (which sounded good). Instead, we went to a Laotian restaurant (called "Thip Khao") which serves lots of vegetables and mixes their colors.

In addition, I had hand surgery. While not pleasant, it should result in my ability to hold things – and to use my hand again (which I consider favorable).

Finally, I went to Auburn, Alabama for my younger son's college graduation. I am very proud of him. His grades got continually better, the longer he was there … and he's been there a long time.




Graduation marks the end of one level in the beginning of a new level. In this case, there is a ceremony with caps and gowns, a procession, and everyone knows what it means.

In business, graduations take many forms. It could be a promotion, a product release, or the launch of a fund.

In any case, the strategies and skills that got you to this point only represent the strategies and skills they got you to this point. It often takes a different set of strategies or skills to excel at what comes next.

In that vein, We just finished our annual planning session for 2016.


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