Jimmy Kimmel Ghostwrote a Children's Book for Donald Trump Titled 'Winners Aren't Losers'

Donald Trump has accomplished a lot in his career.  

He built a real estate empire and wrote 12 books — but, there is something he hasn't done.
Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live! recently, Trump admitted he wanted to give authoring a kids' book a try, but hadn't yet.  Fortunately, host Jimmy Kimmel revealed he ghostwrote one for the presidential hopeful.
Authored and illustrated in the style of a Dr. Seuss book, Winners Aren't Losers tells the story of an inspiring Trump trying to direct children and animals to be winners instead of—you guessed it—losers.


Jimmy Kimmel via YouTube.
"Winners aren't losers. They're winners—like me! A loser's a loser. Which one will you be?" Kimmel read from the book. "Winners do deals and winners get rich, while sad little losers just sit there and bitch."
"This should be a big seller," Trump joked.
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