The Financial Race Towards the Presidency

The race for the White House is always a race for funds. Last week's Iowa caucus sheds a spotlight on the correlation of fund-raising success and success at the polls.

via Statista.


While he didn’t come out on top in the Iowa Caucus, Donald Trump surely has proven he knows how to make the biggest bang for the buck. While he isn’t even in the top ten of the best funded candidates (of both parties) … He still achieved a second place showing in the Republican candidates in Iowa.

The Republican winner was Ted Cruz, who is the second best funded in the GOP camp.  

In contrast, while Jeb Bush is the best funded Republican candidate (second overall after Democrat Hillary Clinton), he only managed a sixth place finish against the Republicans in the Iowa caucus.

While Cruz has a comfortable lead over Trump in the caucus in the Republican camp, Democratic hopeful Clinton has the most money of all candidates, democratic and overall. She virtually tied with second best funded Democrat Bernie Sanders in the caucus, who’s only in fifth place of the best funded overall.

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