How High Is High - Bay Area Home Prices by Transit Stop

I was just in a San Francisco restaurant for a lunch meeting.  We had a burger and a salad – the bill came to $60.  It was a good burger … but come on!

Likewise, it's no secret, Bay Area home prices are among the highest in the country.

Below is a chart that shows how those prices vary depending on which Caltrain stop a home is near.  To do this, Estately Real Estate Search analyzed the last six months of home sales for houses, townhouses, and condos that were within a one-mile radius of each transit stop, then broke them down by price per square foot.

Take a look:


160406 SF_Home_ Price_affordability


At an average of $1,630 per square foot, Caltrain's California Avenue stop, in Palo Alto, is the Bay Area's most expensive transit stop based on nearby home prices.

So, do you feel better about real estate prices in your area?


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