Rio Olympics 2016

This has been an impressive year for the Olympics, with standout athletes breaking long-standing records left and right.

Michael Phelps won his 23rd medal (more than half individually) … an achievement that breaks a 2100-year-old record held by Leonidas of Rhodes.

Simone Biles took gymnastics by storm, winning the overall medal and many others.  Nastia Liukin has described her as beyond compare.

Also impressive was Katie Ledecky, and the cool camera pan shot NBC got of her smashing the world record in the 800 Meter Freestyle.

The Olympics are inspiring to me … and not just the physical feats of prowess … It is the planning, the preparation, the sacrifice, the competition, and the sportsmanship.

Unfortunately, politics still can get in the way. Below, an Egyptian Judo competitor refused to shake hands with his opponent (from Israel) after losing to him on Friday.



via New York Times


But, that is the exception, rather than the rule.  There’s also sportsmanship and diplomacy shown between countries that normally show animosity, evidenced by this selfie taken by a South Korean gymnast and a North Korean gymnast.

image from

via Reuters.


The only constant is change … and sometimes it happens slowly.


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