The Game of Business

This week, Zach and I went to see the Dallas Cowboys new headquarters.

They spent $1.5 billion, and it was impressive (not just because of the Super Bowl trophies).



We also watched a practice … and I was impressed by the amount of preparation, effort, and skill displayed.

Every minute was scripted.  You could tell there was a long-term plan … but, there was also a focus on the short-term details (many details).

Monday they recover and watch film from the last game (and of next week's opponent); Tuesday they hit; Wednesday they go full pads, with high intensity; Thursday they run through specific plays they expect to see … Meanwhile, they film (and review) every drill from every practice.

Drills are run for shorter than you'd guess.  It is bang-bang-bang – never longer than a millennial's attention span;  and they move from drill to drill working on not just plays, but the skillsets as well (where are you looking, which foot do you plant, how do you best use your hands, etc.).

How you do one thing is how you do everything.  So, they try to do everything right.


What Can Business Learn From Football Teams?


Pro football is one thing. College football is another. But, even in high school, the coaches have a game plan. There are team practices and individual drills. They have a depth chart, which lists the first, second, and third choice to fill certain roles.

Before a game, the coaches prepare a game plan and have the team watch tape of their opponent in order to understand the tendencies and mentally prepare for what's going to happen.

After the game, the film is reviewed in detail. Each person gets a grade on each play, and the coaches make notes for each person about what they did well and what they could do better.

Think about it, everyone knows what game they are playing … and for the most part, everybody understands the rules, and how to keep score, and even where they are in the standings.

Imagine how easy that would be to do in business.  Imagine how much better things could be if you did those things.

Challenge accepted.

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