Feeling Thankful is a Weak Substitute for Being Thankful

Thanksgiving is a holiday where we're encouraged to feel thankful for all the bounties in our life – and to appreciate those around us. 

I enjoyed spending time with my kids, watching the Cowboys win, and eating too much.




That's a great start; but, feeling thankful is different that being thankful.

Think of it as the difference between passive voice and active living.  

It reminds me of an idea called "Tikkun Olam" (or – healing the world).

Even if you're not Jewish, I think we can all agree the world needs a little of that. 

For example, instead of just feeling thankful, what could you do to make the life of someone around you better?  Likewise, how can you let others know that you're thankful for them?

Transformational change is often easier than incremental change (because you don't have to drag the past forward).

So, what can you do that would trigger 10X results?   Will you?

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