How Much Time Do You Have Left? How Much Time To Make a Difference?

We only have a limited time on this earth – and a lot of it is taken by frivolous activities. 

How much time do you think the average millennial spends on their phones … or a baby-boomer sits in front of the TV?

The answer is a lot.

This chart based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics puts it in perspective. 


How Will You Spend It

How Much Time Do We Have?

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9 years in front of entertainment devices – another 10.5 years spent working.  You get the idea.

If you have goals you want to accomplish, aspirational travel and lifestyle plans – this really puts the idea of finding and living your passion in perspective. 

Here's another representation of the same data, using jelly beans.   I think it's pretty powerful and worth watching. 


Ze Frank (via YouTube)


In my TEDx talk, I talk about the Time Value of Life …

In finance, the "time value of money" refers to the principle that the purchasing power of money can vary over time (meaning, money today might have a different purchasing power than money later). In part, this is because the value of money at a future point in time might be calculated by accounting for other variables (like interest earned, or inflation accrued, etc.).

A similar calculation applies to life … or living.

Live Like You Only Have a Year Left.

During the last part of my Dad's life, I think he would have done almost anything for a little more time.

Things that used to be unimportant, or even mildly irritating, took on increased importance. For example, a dinner together became almost a sacred event; a kiss goodnight was truly heart-felt; and saying good-bye meant something … because it could be the last time.

Nevertheless, as a result of that focus, he took more life out of that time.

Shouldn't we do the same thing?  Think about it … We are never going to be younger than we are, right now.  We are never going to have more time to fix a big mistake.  Isn't it likely that the time value of your life, is worth maximizing?

If you realize that the time you have now is worth more – what can you do differently to get the most out of it?

So, if an average person only gets 2,740 days to do with what they want, those days are precious.

Based on who's reading this, you may have half that time (or a fourth).

What are you going to focus on? Making the most money? Helping the most people? Spending the most time with your family? Relaxing?

There's never a better time than now, to live a life worth living … and only you can decide what that means!

I'd love to hear what you choose.

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