The Secret to a Successful Company ...

Last week, I took 4 team members to  Infusionsoft's ICON - a small business automation conference. 

You might wonder why I went, and why I took so many people …

One of my core values is the idea of "Learn and Grow."

Meaning, if you grow the people, you grow the company. 

Even at an artificial intelligence company, people are an invaluable resource, and if you're not giving them opportunities to better themselves you're wasting that resource. 

Technology replaces a lot of what humans do, and will continue to replace more and more … the beauty of that is that it frees up your team to think better thoughts,  innovate, and create a better future.  

I talked with Scott Harris, Founder of Millionaire Mentoring & Ultimate Coach (and emcee of the event) about his thoughts on the subject:



He echoed that investing in your own growth, and the growth of your people (emotionally, spiritually, psychologically, intellectually) is a major key to success. 

And it can be hard to do that in the same space, with the same constraints, surrounded by the same people.

While you may think the best spot to create transformation is in a quiet secluded spot, uninterrupted by the world, you can learn more while surrounded by people in the same mindset as you, but with different perspectives. 

Going to a conference, or a mastermind, is a great way to be in a "solution space" with other great people and find best next steps.

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