Motivation For Your Week

It's easy to think that motivation is for athletes, or for "them" … and not you.

The reality is that motivation is a key aspect of everyone's day!  

Here's a video I found this week that is worth a listen.


 by Basquiat Picasso via YouTube

The transcript is here.

You can rely on external factors to bring you motivation, or you can make it an internal habit. 

The same way people love change – but resist being changed … Being driven (by yourself) feels better than when someone tries to push you or drive you.

Sure, it's easy to be unmotivated and wonder why things never get done. 

Often, I'll see employees, or friends, get something 80 – 90% done and then move on to some new exciting prospect. 

They get distracted by "shiny" and use it as an excuse to ignore the hard part (that last 10%), and whine that nothing's ever finished. 

As long you are making progress (and refuse to give up) you are guaranteed to meet and exceed your goals.

So, stop whining and start grinding! It's time to get to the getting!

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