Face Your Fears - Will Smith's Video

Recently, Will Smith shared a video of himself at Skydive Dubai.

Apparently, the experience taught him much more than how to jump out of a plane.

 "The point of maximum danger is the point of minimum fear."
Worth a watch.


 via YouTube

Likewise, Tony Robbins preaches the importance of expanding your "threshold of control."

The idea is that you need to continuously push your limits and grow your tolerance of what is within your comfort zone.

Think about the problems and annoyances you had when you were 18, 13, or 8 … Chances are that they were much smaller than what you now face comfortably. 

Expanding your thresholds of control, and facing your fears (and discomforts) is a big part of growth.

In my company, we call it "Getting Comfortable Being Uncomfortable."

The old way wasn't enough, and the tools and techniques that got you where you are, won't get you where you want to be.

So, into the unknown we go.

What do think will catapult you to that next level?  

What's the first step?

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