Invented or Discovered?

Nature can be pretty cool!

It turns out a lot of what we think human's "invented" was so natural that nature thought of it first.

Take a look at the British Planthopper that has mechanical gears in it's legs.


Or the fact that the T4 Bacteriophage  looks like a lunar lander and has 20 sides

Bacteriophage structure

via biology4u

It's interesting that some of man's greatest inventions are so innate that natural selection (or intelligent design) created it before we did. 

Want another example?

Hospital-acquired Infections are diseases caught due to bacteria or fungi at a hospital(or other healthcare related areas). They account for over 99,000 deaths a year.

Because of that, R&D worked extensively to find bacteria-killing surfaces … turns out Dragonflies have been doing it for centuries.

Research companies (and dragonflies) have been using nano-textured surfaces to create a "bed of nails" that destroys bacteria by puncturing the cell wall. 

If you like stuff like this, Check out this link on order vs. chaos.

 There is always opportunity around you … You just have to know where to look.

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