The Experience Economy: Man Vs. Food Edition

I recently drove several hours (to the middle of nowhere) in order to try the Burger you see below.  And, yes, I know you don't have to capitalize the word "burger" … But, in this case, it deserved it!  Take a look.


7222017 man vs food


If you are curious, the restaurant is Big Jud's in Rexburg, Idaho.  And the monstrosity is Big Jud.  No, sorry, it is their "Man Versus Food Burger" (which was featured on the TV show Man V. Food).

It's got 4 pounds of meat and all the accouterments … It's the type of burger that makes  you say "Holy Cow!"  Even the knife they give you to eat it with is scary. 

Obviously, it is not the type of burger you eat because you're hungry … you eat it because you want the experience.

The idea of an Experience Economy isn't new.  

Rich people know it makes sense to spend money on experiences.  

And smart businesses know that it makes sense to avoid competing on a commodity, and to create something unique. For example, think about Cowboys Stadium (Click to read about the Experience).

Even millennials are spending more on experiences than on physical products.

Something to think about … How would your business be different if you prioritized the experience?  

Just another way to win.

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