Tick ... Tock ... The Doomsday Clock Is Ticking

With North Korea flexing their nuclear muscles and threatening to strike Guam, and Donald Trump threatening to unleash "Fire and Fury" in retaliation, alarm towards the possibility of military conflict becomes more prevalent.

Could there be a second Cold War? Or, is there really a chance someone pushes the button?

Regardless, it's just another green tick mark on the doomsday clock according to the "Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists" who post a yearly update to our doomsday clock (and have for 70 years). 

The Doomsday Clock is a globally-recognized model of our planet's health and safety – but who knew it was an actual thing based off of a range of factors?

Now – they want you to donate, and so there's a level of fearmongering, but they do provide some solid data on nuclear stockpiles, global temperature differences and more.


892017 Doomsday dashboardvia The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists


You can see their full article on this year's prediction here.

And if you're actually worried about North Korea – even if they now have the ability to hit the U.S., I think we need to be asking if they have a real desire to do so?

North Korea thrives off of the status quo – keeping people placated with propaganda and love for their glorious leader. 

Despite how it may seem sometimes – It's unlikely Kim Jong Un is trying to start a war with America. It just isn't smart.

But, we know that emotion is not often based on logic. 

Which brings us to the Markets.  For the first time ever, the S&P 500 Index has moved less than 0.3% for 13 consecutive days. 

Meaning, despite all the fervor in the media, and fear/elation surrounding the presidency, not much is happening.

Traders are essentially paralyzed with indecision … a Cold War of sorts  – or the calm before the storm?

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