Resisting the War on Science: Sifting Through the Bullshit.

There seems to be a rising movement of anti-intellectualism and homegrown "experts" believing they know more than experts who have spent their careers creating informed opinions based on textbooks, peers, and experience.

"I saw it on facebook", "I googled my symptoms and it's definitely Lupus", "That's just a hypothesis, there's no proof…"

It is increasingly difficult for people to discern what's real from what's fake, and it's undermining the authority of experts.

Experts make mistakes, and scientists and doctors are constantly learning, but having well-informed experts who can challenge those mistakes and create solutions. We wouldn't have the world today without that established knowledge base. 

So how do you become better informed?

First off, acknowledging expertise, and searching for credible sources is paramount. Researching dissenting opinions and sources from the opposite side of the spectrum can also provide insight.

If most the news sources you follow are liberal-biased, don't neglect to research the other side of the spectrum and vice versa.  Otherwise, you can end up in an echo chamber. When looking at studies or articles, be aware of fallacies and learn to spot bad science. 

10252017 Bad Sciencevia COMPOUND iNTEREST

Finally, remember that none of that is a substitute for a proper education. 

While we can learn a lot from the internet, it's easy for our understandings to lack nuance or context. 

Be careful.

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