Wealth Formula - Howard Getson and Buck Joffrey Talk The Future of Trading

I'm excited … because I've been at Joe Polish's Genius Network Annual Event this weekend.

Genius Network is a business group that also serves as an advisory board, counselor's office, and idea factory. 

It brings brilliant minds and industry transformers together in a forum focused on innovation, creative disruption, and possibility. 

Peer groups, like this, help you set (and raise) standards. 

They help bring new capabilities, but also new possibilities, new found energies and a reconnection to your purpose, mission, and values. 

This is a great place to meet extraordinary people. 

Buck Joffrey is one of them. He is a doctor, an international best selling author, member of Genius Network, and host of WealthFormula (which is a podcast where he educates professionals on how to build lasting wealth). 

1132017 Buck Joffrey


Buck recently interviewed me for WealthFormula.  We talked about old-world trading versus new-world trading … and where I think A.I and Machine Learning have the best opportunities to add alpha and help investors make and keep more money.

You can listen to it below (or subscribe to his podcast on iTunesAndroid, or RSS).



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