IPOs of Today and Tomorrow

There's always an opportunity in the market; some are short-term speculation, others are long-term regime shifts … things that terraform industries and change our world. 

I'm excited about 2018. Several new technologies have the opportunity to be game changers. So do several companies.

To put the current state of IPOs in perspective, Way back in 1996 there were 706 initial public offerings, fast forward to 2016 and there were only 105 IPOs. 2017 showed an almost 50% increase, which is great (except when you compare it to what was). 

Here's a look back at some of the opportunities from years gone by. Click to see a bigger picture.

12312017 IPO-investing-infographic-636x1024

via RCM Alternatives

Twitter has struggled to monetize, despite being used by millions of people (including Donald Trump). 

Any predictions for 2018?



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