What Type of Leader Are You?

The leadership in your company is often the difference between a good company and a great company.

Leadership (not just the boss, but the top-level managers as well) can make or break a company.

Am I hands-on or hands-off? Am I encouraging my team to grow? Have I made our company objectives and values inherent?

These are all questions that we – as leaders – need to be asking. 

As you answer those questions, you can also be thinking about what leader archetype you follow …


  • Laissez-Faire leaders are hands-off. They don't directly supervise employees or provide regular feedback. Highly trained employees may benefit from this style, but most employees find this a hindrance. 
  • Transactional leaders show the difference between a leader and a manager. They're worried about tasks and provide reward/punishment based solely on task completion. 
  • Autocratic leaders make decisions without the input of others. They possess total authority and impose their will on their employees. This can benefit low-level employees who require close supervision. This will stifle creative employees. 
  • Participative leaders are democratic. They value the input of their team members but hold ultimate decision-making power. This can cause challenges when there's a time crunch.
  • Transformational leaders require high levels of communication from their management team. They motivate employees through effective communication and high visibility. This requires more involvement from the various layers of management. 


Or you can check out this less serious flowchart to see which fictional boss you are. 

 10112017 fictional boss

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