Thoughts on Ten Years of Marriage ...

I met Jennifer in April of 2004.  We got married in January of 2008.  We celebrated our 10th Wedding Anniversary this week.


180107 HMG JBR 10-Year Anniversary

Wow, how time flies!

On one hand, it seems like just yesterday.  On the other hand, portions of that decade seemed to take forever.

As an entrepreneur, I live in a weird "tense".  For me, the future and present are often blended.  Meaning, I imagine the future I want – and then I find the path to create (or manifest) that destiny.  Not surprisingly, some of the things that were easy to imagine were hard to bring into reality (in a reproducible, efficient, and effective manner or process) … And these things seem to take forever.  

Other things (like relationships or the growth and maturation of my kids) seemed to happen in the blink of an eye.

I am consciously trying to be more mindful and grateful for the progress (and even the minor moments, wins, or curiosities) before me.  The truth is that if you fail to notice them, you don't experience them.

Here is to experiencing all that you need or want … and I hope the rest serves as raw material, learning, or fuel to get you there faster.


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