The Magic of Disney

I spent this weekend at a conference with my son in Orlando. Though we were staying at a Disney Resort, we hadn't done anything "Disney" related.

On our last night, after the conference had ended, we made our pilgrimage to the Magic Kingdom. I hadn't been there since my children were little.

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It is still a Magical Kingdom. 

Disney is masterful at separating you from your wallet … but the real magic is in how happy people are while they do so. 

I shot a one-minute video while at the park talking about what they excel at doing. The audio would be a little clearer if Disney wasn't shooting-off fireworks in the background.



Many companies get stuck in a Production Orientation. They forget about their customers. They're too focused on what the do, rather than what their audience gets.

The magic of Disney isn't the vision it took to create a 40 square mile park in the swamplands of Florida. It's not the 62,000 employees that work there. It's not even about their characters or the incredible planning and logistics it takes to operate a park of this size.

The magic is the emotions they can evoke in people from all age groups and demographics. 

They have something for everybody, and employees are empowered to make your experience special.

It's hard to leave Disney without having a magical experience, even if you're there for 15 minutes to watch fireworks. 


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