A Look at Online Trading

543836bbeebe7336ffeb2dcfa9ff90e0-d6p9qc5Trading used to be reserved to those in the pit at exchanges … but the advent of electronic trading made this enterprise available to a host of other people.

Millions of online traders have opened accounts in the past few years.

Apps like Robinhood and Coinbase make it easy for retail customers to start trading. 

Who are they?  This chart breaks it down.


5102018 traders-as-100-people-4X-700x400via brokernotes

To start, 37% don't have a degree, and 58% are millennials.  The average income of a trader is less than 35,000.  You can check brokernotes full report here.


What does it mean?  How will it affect the popularity of new markets (like Crypto)?

Curious to hear your opinion.

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