Bulls Say They're Hesitant While Active Managers Jump In

I saw this article on SentimenTrader.  Thought it was worth sharing.
Maybe bulls are just superstitious
Even though investors are buying, they won’t say they’re bullish in sentiment surveys. The Advisor & Investor Model (AIM) is a model that averages the momentum of the four major sentiment surveys.  It has been below 50% for 6 months, one of the longest streaks since 1970.
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Nobody wants to short
Among active investment managers, even the most bearish one is betting on a rally, which is a break from other surveys which mostly show apathetic sentiment. Unlike other surveys, this one has less of a contrarian bent, however.
Call buyers return
On the ISE exchange, recently, there were more than 200 call options bought for every 100 puts. That’s typically interpreted as a sign of excessive optimism from options traders. 
So, how are you feeling about the markets.  Let me know.
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