Missing the Bus: Lessons in Regret

Don't wait. The time will never be just right.   -  Napoleon Hill

Imagine owning 10% of the most profitable company in the world … now imagine selling your shares for $800 dollars. 

You've now put yourself in the shoes of the little known third co-founder of Apple, Ronald Wayne

Crazy … but true.

You'd think that lack of foresight would be rarer – but people are often more focused on the risks and prior obligations instead of the potential. In fact, during Apple's early phases, HP and Atari both opted against investing for ownership


031317bucks-carl-sketch-articleLargeCarl Richards via NY Times

Think how many people sold Bitcoin when it transformed from worth a penny to a dollar – only to see it become worth almost $18,000 at its peak. 

There are tons of stories like that …

When you ask people on their deathbed what they regret, their #1 answer is having the courage to live a life true to themselves – where they fulfilled their dreams and took chances. 


Whats your biggest regret


Seize Opportunity!  Seize the Day!  And have a nice week.

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