Siri, What is "World Domination"? - Weekly Reading Links - August 3rd, 2018

This week, Apple hit $1 trillion U.S. market capitalization, the first publicly traded and non-governmentally sponsored company to do so.

Apple reached this benchmark while in a contested marketplace and without being #1 in phone or laptop sales.

Hard to fathom.



Here is a peek at what I've been reading lately. These are the links I saved this week.

Hope you find some interesting and enjoyable tidbits.

Let me know if you read something I'd like … Or if there are other sources I should add to my weekly reading.



Lighter Links:


Market-Related Links


Let me know what you think.


– Howard

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  1. I believe the Skunk Works reactor is a LENR device so you that article shouldn’t be comparing it to a Tokamac. We need more accurate articles that explain the science instead of having a crowd of nay sayers.

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