AI, Investing v. Trading, Algorithms, and more at Camp Kotok.

Last month, I attended Camp Kotok, a private gathering of economists, fund managers, and other financial industry professionals. 

The mood was cautiously optimistic to bullish about the markets – while the participants were feeling a bit uneasy due to changes in the financial industry due to advanced technologies. 

Cumberland Advisors just released a video of me talking with Bob Eisenbeis – their Vice Chairman & Chief Monetary Economist. 

Check it out. 


Cumberland Advisors via YouTube

AI is removing the fear, greed, and discretionary mistakes from financial decision making and its power is in removing the human fully from that process. 

We’re at the beginning of a cycle of progress that is hard to imagine … and easy to underestimate.

Ultimately, I think AI will transform the planet much like electricity did.  

What about you?

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