Are You a Dictator?

Inertia is tough.  There is often no barrier too small to halt progress. 

  • After a meeting, do your notes get into your computer?
  • Do you send the follow-up correspondence you thought about and know you should? 
  • When you think of something that you need to do – do you capture the idea and add it to your list?
  • Do you regularly store your thoughts, plans and insights (even when they occur at odd times)?

For me, sitting down to write or type has been the biggest barrier to action.  Now, rather than type, I use two great transcription services: Jott and CopyTalk.

Jott is free; and currently offers unlimited 30 second transcriptions.  This is perfect for To-Do list items or one-thought notes to yourself or others.

It turns out that I often want a longer talk time.  CopyTalk offers unlimited 4-minute transcriptions.  Perfect for letters, memos, journaling, etc.  Obviously it is a great business productivity tool; yet, I also use it as an always available electronic journal.

CopyTalk is now a speed dial on my phone – and using caller ID – it knows it is me … so I just start dictating.  I get the text in my e-mail typically within the hour. 

Here is a picture of CopyTalk’s web interface for their phone dictation transcription service. 

Very convenient, and I like it a lot!

I use Microsoft’s OneNote as my content management tool.  So when I get back a dictation from the service, I choose to categorize it either as something to go in my weekly commentary, an item for this blog, a personal journal item, or correspondence.

I found that I do best when I dictate right after a meeting.  However, I also found it very helpful to schedule time to dictate every day.  Sometimes I get a great nugget, right in the middle of a whole bunch of (pardon the French) crap.  Nonetheless, for me, dictating has been a good habit and a good muscle to develop.

Of course I see myself as a benevolent dictator.

If you have questions about CopyTalk call Chris Clayton at (866) 267-9825 ext 406.  Please let Chris know that I referred you.

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