FeedDemon - The Best Way to Find and Read Stuff

I read information from dozens of websites every day.  Some of it is necessary for my work (financial sites, news sources, etc.).  Other sites give me ideas or inspiration.  Still others are a diversion.  Bottom-line, I was wasting a lot of time going to these sites (sometimes many times a day).  That all changed when I found a tool that brings them all to me.  The best News Reader that I’ve found is a free product called Feed Demon.  It allows you to subscribe to the content from many websites and view it in an organized and convenient manner in one location.

Instead of going from website to website looking for interesting content, I subscribe to a website’s RSS feed and the software does the rest for me.  All new posts show up ready to read.

I’ve organized the feeds into categories of folders based on the way I think. So I have a folder for management ideas, marketing ideas, trading ideas, as well as new gadgets or finance.

Here are some of the sites I read most:

And there are a bunch more that I love. The point is, you can subscribe to any number of topics that interest you – and read related content when you want .

It makes doing research for my weekly commentary much easier and I find that it reduces the amount of time I spend randomly surfing the web because when I have time to look at information I can focus on the information that I want to see quickly, easily, and without distraction.

It is worth checking-out.  Here is the link for FeedDemon’s download.

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