A Sense of Security

Microsoft came out with a bunch of security updates this week. I thought I’d share a few of the tools I use to help keep our computers running smoothly and safely.

The first is a free tool that doesn’t require any download or installation. It is called the Secunia Software Inspector, and it:

  • Detects insecure versions of applications installed;
  • Verifies that all Microsoft patches are applied; and
  • Assists you in updating your system and applications.

It only takes a few seconds to run and works reliably and well. So, click this link to check your system.

Another tool I’ve really liked is called SuperAdBlocker. Yes it is a silly name; but it is a really nice product that stops ads and blocks spyware.  This is a great addition because it protects against things your antivirus and firewall don’t.  It works with Internet Explorer and Firerfox.  And I’ve been impressed with the support and responsiveness of the company.  More importantly, I’ve been happy with what it is like to browse without a lot of junk this prevents from slowing you down or cluttering your screen. 

Two other tools worth checking are WindowsWasher and PCTools Spyware Doctor

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