"Now" Widget

I saw this and spent some time watching the items change. 

It's got lots of
tickers and content that change as you watch.  You just weren't aware
that you would enjoy knowing how many emails are being sent or spam
emails being received.  There are also recent news updates from The New
York Times, CNN, Newsvine, top Google searches of the day, and lots

Here are some tidbits from the background audio patter.

  • "Welcome to Now," the computer says.
  • "How about a big bowl of Now?"
  • "Please keep your hands inside the moment."
  • "Your hair has grown 5 millionths of centimeter in the last second."
  • "It is Now in all timezones."

Very clever and well-done.

Below is a limited version.  The link to the complete version is below. 

Click to play with the full widget.  Here is a screenshot of it – and, yes, that is me in the middle.

081108 Now Widget Graphic 630p

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