Can A Beautiful Mind Create a Beautiful Face?

Beauty Function 470p
A team of scientists recently developed software that, using a carefully tested and proven understanding of facial proportion, greatly improves the attractiveness of your face without damaging your defining features or whether people will recognize that the picture is of you.

Ever seen a picture of yourself that was a little too good? You’re still you, just a tiny bit better than the real-life you. That’s what this software supposedly does. 

The inventor says this technology could become a product or web service where people upload their photographs and have them enhanced or beautified by the software. 

So, if there was an “optimize portrait” button on Facebook, would a lot of people use it? Probably.

Here is a short video.

Here is a direct link to the video.

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  1. Is this program running now? People could actually use it for many purposes. It can be personal or business. Anyhow, the outcome isn’t permanent and it can only be seen in a photo. Others prefer to be beautiful permanently, of course! There can be many options out there. Most celebrities choose to undergo cosmetic surgery and it worked for them!

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