Social Media 101 - The Name Land-grab

Real Estate is about location, location, location.  That's true on the web as well.  Years ago, I watched people rush to register Internet domains.  Well it's happening again; only this time it is on a wide-range of social media sites.

Before I go further, or before you decide to skip to the next article, here's a piece of advice worth paying attention taking; Register your name, your company name, and any other product or keyword you want to protect on Twitter.

I'll take that even further; register those names on other social media services as well. I'm talking about companies like Facebook, LinkedIn, FriendFeed, StumbleUpon, and Digg. Even if you don't believe you'll use the service, you may not want someone else talking to the public using a name that they may associate with you. Here is a link to a service that helps you reserve your name.

I watched my kids use instant messages, texting from their phones, and
then Facebook. Slowly I've adopted these technologies. Still, it's hard
for me to believe that I'm using Twitter.  If you're not using them
yet, you probably will soon.

The Big Three:

090306 LinkedIn Logo
LinkedIn is the most corporate of the services. It's an enhanced resume with a clever algorithm to figure out how you can connect to someone else. So, if I wanted to contact Mark Cuban, it would tell me which of my director second level contacts have contacts with him.

090306 Facebook Logo
Facebook used to be for college students, but has quickly become the most popular social media application. I'm amazed at how many business people use this as their primary form of keeping in touch with people socially.  The Facebook platform is evolving quickly and is very easy to customize by telling it that you want to see you more of this and less of that.

090306 Twitter Logo
Twitter is getting popular quickly; and it has a lot of business momentum.  It drives traffic and is quickly becoming useful as form of search engine that shows trends and what's happening right now.  I see more third party development and support for Twitter than the other platforms combined.  I didn't "get" Twitter at first; but it is growing on me.

Here is a cartoon comparing the three services.

090306 Making Friends in Social Media

  • On LinkedIn it seems like connections are made based on worthiness. 
  • On
    Facebook connections are based on how you know the other person
    it's common to have more Facebook friends been LinkedIn connections).
  • On Twitter your follower list is more elastic; people will come and people will go
    (and it's common to have more Twitter followers than Facebook friends). 

So go register some names, and next time I'll share some of the tools I use to make using social media easier and more productive.

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