Wolfram's Alpha Knowledge Engine

I use Google without thinking.  It is a habit or a reflex.  That is about to change; at least for some types of information.

They call it a "Computational Knowledge Engine" – but my tests tell me it does a lot more than what that means to me.  For example, here is a comparison of Accenture and IBM.

090515 Wolfram Alpha

Here is a link to a brief demo.  Take a look … I bet you shake your head and smile.  Progress is a beautiful thing.

It does a lot more than calculate how many days you've been alive, amortize a mortgage, or tell you the flying time from Dallas to Paris.  Apparently the folks at Wolfram have a sense of humor too.  Here are some example searches that demonstrate that:

Here is a summary of some more of the hidden tidbits from Mashable.

Strangely, it doesn't know what a "computational knowledge engine" is … I guess that makes it more human.  It is easier to know lots of stuff than to be self-aware.

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