Capitalogix Commentary 06/07/09

Last week, as the Markets approached their 200-Day declining moving averages and overhead resistance, I said that a sustained break-out to the upside would be significant here. 

Well, the Markets gapped higher last Monday, and held their ground.  From most logical and technical perspectives the action has seemed relatively healthy considering the circumstances … three months into the rally. 

It is somewhat funny that unemployment continues to go up, but people focus on how the increase is slowing.  This seems to be happening on several fronts.


Frankly, from a trading perspective, a bullish response to bad news is a bullish sign.  And I don't want to look a gift horse in the mouth, either.  This Market is quite well-behaved, and has acted as if "Bull-Rules" apply.  So, trade what the market gives you. Still, from another standpoint, I'd like to see a pull-back. 

Money Shot: A Commentary On Investing.

What is so funny about this video is that the people being interviewed don't know they are a satire of the investment market as a whole.  It is worth watching.  Hope you enjoy it.

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