Bezos' Video About the Zappos Acquisition

Amazon acquired Zappos this week.  What follows is a terrific video where Jeff Bezos says he shares “Everything I Know” about business, and offers a peek inside the entrepreneurial spirit and culture of Amazon.

The four main points are:

Obsess Over Customers. While they pay attention to the competitive marketplace, they don’t let competitors determine what they do. Instead, it is the customer that drives their strategy.

Invent. A critical part of what Amazon does is to invent solutions for, and on behalf of, their customers.

Think Long-Term. Amazon strategists take a long-term perspective. They are willing to take actions that quickly offer benefits to customers, even if those actions don’t offer a pay-off for the company or its investors for five to seven years.

It’s Always Day One. There is always a bigger future and more opportunities to invent for customers. It’s never over, or too late.

Yes, it is a simple list.  Still, it is worth watching. 

It gave me a sense that Amazon not only preaches these principles, but practices them as well.

Also, here is a link to Zappos’ CEO, Tony Hsieh’s letter about the acquisition.

And here is a link to Four Questions About the Acquisition.

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