Screen Capture Software Worth Snagging

090705 Snagit I'm so glad I found Snagit.  It is one of the un-sung heroes that I use all the time but don't think about because it is so reliable and stable that I forget how good it is.

What Can You Do With Snagit

Capture anything you see on the screen. Edit and combine those captures. Add text, arrows, or highlights to make the image better.  Then share them through your favorite applications. Organize and find them again later.

I end-up using it several times a day.  It is my default image editor.  I use it to create or edit the graphics for the blog, presentations and e-mails.  I use it to capture and annotate certain financial transactions … and to get or give tech support. Bottom-Line: the more you use Snagit, the more ways you'll find to use it. 

Here is a two-minute video that will give you a quick overview of some of the things Snagit can do for you.

090705 Snagit Overview Video

Techsmith makes several other cool tools too.  I'm not affiliated with them, other than as a satisfied client.  Just thought it was worth sharing.  Hope it helps you too. 

Click here to go to the product page for Snagit.

Click here to download a trial.

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