New Version 4 of Shift Happens Video

091025 the Getson Boys Last week I wrote that my son (and his generation) won't communicate the way we do.

For example, he used 9,827 text messages and 564 MB of data on his phone this month.

I'm not going to pretend that I understand how I would use that many messages … But I'm beginning to understand that he does.

A decade ago, I couldn't have conceived the way we use trading technology today.  The scope and scale of what's possible would have seemed like an improbable science fiction plot.

And that is the point.  Some things seem like nonsense (or magic), until they become science and way things are done.

New Version 4 of Shift Happens Video

Fascinating presentation of facts, stats, and insights about how technology (like the internet) has been changing the world. Some of the tech that we take for granted is now at an inflection point because of the sheer mass of late-adopters.

It is worth watching and thinking about … as someone living in these
changing times … and in terms of how these changing times shift the
game and create a whole new set of opportunities.

While similar to the post on how Social Media is changing everything … this presentation focuses on the bigger picture and has a more general business tone. 

I like the new
design and the added content; yet, found the music a bit distracting.

We are moving forward more quickly than ever.  What you thought you knew about the
economy, technology, innovation, and the world are probably
out-of-date. I can't wait to see what comes next.

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