Global M&A Deal Activity Has Increased 38 Percent This Year

101018 Deal-Flow-Indicator The Q3 2010 IntraLinks Deal Flow Indicator™ (DFI) was just released and reports a 38 percent increase in global M&A deal activity in Q3 2010 versus Q3 2009. In the last quarter, deal activity is up nine percent compared to Q2 2010, a 68 percent increase from the Q1 2009 low.

Results show six straight quarters of growth in M&A deal volume, with a 68 percent increase from Q1 2009

The overall positive trends are consistent with the following factors in the marketplace:

  • General improvement and stability in the market
  • Impending tax environment changes and stockpiles of committed capital have provided the return of private equity buyers and sellers
  • Reduced strategic buyer fear of “double dip” recession resulting in more exploration of opportunities to supplement slow organic growth prospects and enter new markets.

Here is a chart.

101018 Deal-Flow-Indicator Chart
Read the Q3 2010 IntraLinks Deal Flow Indicator at

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