Technology Makes Holiday Shopping Easier This Year

Shopping is crazy during the holiday season.  Here is a picture of someone who drove their car into a Walmart because the line was too long. 

101126-People-of-Walmart image from People of Walmart.

If you are looking for a good deal and want to avoid crowds, try the Camel Farm.

It's a strange name … and a great site. They provide historical price charts for Amazon and other retailers — so you know you are getting a great deal.  Here is an example, but you can choose any product.  It works great.

101126 Camel Price Charts
They also will send you price drop alerts via email, and have an intuititve system to help you find deals.


101126 Camel Farm

Another service I like is Bountii.

101126 Bountii Price Alert
You can look here for other shopping tools and services.

Keep shopping.  The economy needs you.  

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  1. Technology makes every thing very easier and comfortable with less time and efforts.I likes this post you have shared such a interesting things about shopping with use of technology.

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