An Electronic Wine List Made a Nice Dinner Nicer

I had friends in from Asia and they wanted to experience some Dallas nightlife.


Mooyah Burgers and Hard Eight Barbecue wasn't their speed.


With a little help from some friends whose palettes are a little more up-scale than mine, they dined at Charlie Palmer's at the Hotel Joule.  


You Know It's Fancy When …


Notice the tablet computer. 

110130 Charlie Palmer Wine ListThat is an interactive wine-list called the eWinebook.  It sorts and sifts by type, country, region, vintage, or price.   


  Once you narrow down your selections to a few choices, a live person is available to help you make your decision.


On one hand, it helps the consumer feel better about their choice; and on the other, it increases the restaurants average wine bill.   To a "Win – Win" proposition.  Cheers. 


The march of technology continues …

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  1. Awesome! This will make the customer feel comfortable in choosing their best wine. Hope this tablet known as eWinebook will be available to some of the hotels and restaurants also. Nice article.

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