Cool Video Showing Weather So Cold That Water Thrown in the Air Turns into Snow

This is a cool video.  Watch as boiled water is thrown into the -30°Celsius air … where it instantly "freezes" and transforms into a snowy fog.  Clearly this is one of the joys of living in the Northwest Territories of Canada


In contrast, one of the joys of living in Dallas is that water usually splashes rather than freezes.


Nonetheless, on Super Bowl weekend, we have a "man plans while God laughs" kind of situation.  With everyone in town for the big event, we're at a virtual stand-still because ice is so rare, here, that we don’t have sanding, salting or scraping capabilities.

Here is a picture of kids playing Street Hockey on ice skates in front of my house in a Dallas suburb.


Not a scene you see too often in Dallas.


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