Here Are Some Links That Caught My Eye This Week

Business Posts Moving the Markets that I Found Interesting This Week:

  • Goldman's Magnum Opus On The Economic Impact From Japan's Earthquake. (ZeroHedge)
  • Emerging Markets: Will Fortune Favor the Brave? (FT)
  • Hedge Fund Bets $40MM That Twitter Can Predict The Stock Market. (HuffPostCNBC)
  • A Funny Feeling About the Stock Market. (Of_Two_Minds)
  • Money Rushes Into Social Start-Ups at Eye-Popping Valuations. (WSJ)
  • More Posts Moving the Markets.

Lighter Ideas and Fun Links that I Found Interesting This Week

  • Does Moammar Gadhafi Really Use 40 Lipsticked Virgins as His Personal Guardians? (AOL)
  • Organized Religion 'Will Be Driven Toward Extinction' in These 9 Countries. (CNN)
  • Where Do Bad Moods Come From? (Wired)
  • The Pace of Innovation: Why Internet Explorer Will Survive & Firefox Won't. (ZDNet)
  • The iPad 2 Reviews Are In — Read The Best Parts Here (BusinessInsiderNYTimes)
  • More Posts with Lighter Ideas and Fun Links.
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