The Sky Is Not Falling - VC Deal Activity Report

111017 Strong Deal ActivityAn analysis of VC deal activity at the internet angel and seed stages shows there has not been any sign of an investment slowdown.  Not even close actually.  

In fact, September 2011 angel & seed VC activity was up 172% since January 2010 and at the highest levels in the last seven quarters.  You can see the actual trend based on real data here.

Also, last week, CB Insight's  Q3's quarterly VC report came out which also showed that the sky clearly is not falling.  Here are some of the headlines:

  • $7.9B invested in 790 deals in Q3 2011 
  • NY overtook Massachusetts on deals AND dollars for 1st time. It's just one quarter, so we'll see how Q4 turns out
  • Healthcare VC keeps dropping – somebody call 911
  • Green Tech shows some life
  • Seed VC still growing – VCs continue to like the optionality that seed investments provide.

Of course, there is a lot more so go get the report here. It's free to download and 61 pages chock full of VC data goodness.

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