A Must See Peek At the Future of Technology and Productivity

While eating dinner a few nights ago, I heard a 3-year-old scream "iPad, iPad, iPad" until her parents handed one over.  Was it just a child's tantrum … or does it mark another step in our journey to the post-pc age?

To imagine the future of technology, sometimes it helps to look back.  Here's a clever way to appreciate how much technology has changed the things we love to do.


111106 Then and Now Cartoon 

And we are now moving beyond even that.  

I just spent a week in Asia, and didn't bring a laptop …  relying, instead, on just an iPad and an iPhone 4S.

In 2009, Microsoft released a Productivity Future Vision. Watch how future technology will help people make better use of their time, focus their attention, and strengthen relationships while getting things done at work, home, and on the go.




They just released a updated view into their Productivity Future Vision. It is worth watching.




And here is a behind scenes look at how Microsoft Envisioning Labs conceived and made the Future Vision videos.





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  1. It seems that technology would make the machine as their energy of work of. I think Microsoft would be able to make it done within 10-20 year. As concerned regarding the Google they are also doing a great jobs and inventing a new things.

  2. Vision over the future of Microsoft would be great one. Microsoft has been working over their software development tool. Through these many software developer and IT technology would be increases.

  3. Microsoft has been working great over their future technology. They are helping the people to have great education to learn a new thing and implement it.

  4. I think people must be known about their knowledge and analysis about their health and enjoyment with forgetting about the Technology.

  5. I think Microsoft technology is developed over the future. They are making a lots of things which are different from others. It gives a good rumor to the innovation and creativity.

  6. It seems to be vision of the Microsoft in the future. It something different in look. But after the updates over the Windows 8 I would say that it would be possible soon.

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