Are You Planning On Getting In On the Facebook IPO?

With Facebook's IPO set to happen soon, I was thinking about some of the other big tech IPOs. 

The first few weeks of trading may not be a good estimate of how successful a company will be over time.  The charts below, from a Mashable post showing how nine tech giants did after going public, highlight that point.

First, here is a normalized index chart showing the initial 15 days of trading for each company.


120514 First 15 Days of Select Tech IPOs

Second, here is a chart showing growth to date.  This chart illustrates how much a $100 investment, at the IPO price, would be worth today.


120514 Investing in Tech - Value of a Hundred Dollars Invested in Select IPOs


Some of those returns are surprising, aren't they?

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  1. Hi Howard, thanks for the info. Looks like Microsoft and Amazon is going strong with their trading.

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